Debugging Apama

I am new to the Apama env and EPL (although I have been using eclipse w/Java for a long time) and need some help on debugging an exisitng Apama based application.
We currently have a version of Apama ( I think the progress studio is a juno build)
Currently I am trying to track down issues in certain sections of the code wherein we seem to hang in the application i.e. the process does not seem to exit cleanly. We do shutdown the correaltor via ant after a certain time has elapsed. the correlator pings report 0 messages in the queues.

  1. Platform is Win 7 64 bit. The backend is MS SQL server
  2. the correaltor and IAFs for JDBC are started with an ant script
  3. the log level is at INFO
  4. we have a lot of stored procs that get invoked as well as named queries.

I tried to attach my debugger to the remote application (localhost 15903). there are unpredicatable results here as in it does connect but there is not guarantee it will break at the breakpoints.

When it does break, there is no way to find out how it got there. the call stack is not deep and it always seems to display only the main thread.

Examining the variables-I can examine the event instance for e.g. but cannot see the memebers individually.

Am I doing something wrong/missing some pieces? Is there a way to attach tot he IAF process and debug the database i/o at port 16903?

Any guidance on this front is appreciated.