Debugging a process and starting process instance

Dear Community,

we´re performing the Integration Education Package at one of our universitys subjects.
After reading and watching the tutorial videos at the techcommunitys website, we´ve built a testprocess to see how the bmpn - gui - service integration works. So far it was possible to build the process on our webmethod server and execute him. We used the debug mode to check the steps of our process and how the in- and output parameters work.

Now our problem:
When the process hits a User-Task, it is possible to complete it in the webbrowser but we can´t move to the next process stept in the SAG Designer. The process is stuck at this point.
When the complete task button is klicked, the server need roundabout 3 minutes to complete the task. Is that usual?
We´ve already thought about executing a process instance on the webmethod server without debug mode, but there is no description in any tutorial how to do that. Could you tell me how the run configurations have to be to let it work that way and if its possible to start it out of sourcecode?

Thanks in advance!

3 minutes for task to be completed is unusual. You may want to check MWS logs to see cause of delay.

You can run BPM processes by publishing the input document of process.