Dead letter queue not connected


I have activated dead letter queue in our Broker and it has created a client named ‘DefaultDLQ_’ in the Broker but the status of the Client shows ‘Notconnected’.

Can anyone please help me to connect my Broker to dead letter queue ?


That simply means that there is no client (e.g. Integration Server or other client) that is connected to that queue. The client/queue is owned by the Broker. It has access. So when a document is published to Broker that has no subscribers, Broker will place it on this queue.

The connection the “not connected” message is referring to is for something outside of Broker to retrieve from that queue.

Use of the DLQ is not typical. Is there a specific reason you’re enabling it?

Hi Reamon,

Thanks for your reply.

we are using JMS triggers for subscription. So, should i need to specify the client ‘DefaultDLQ_’ in the JMS trigger to let the Broker know about the Dead letter queue ? If so, where should i give those details?

Yes Reamon, We are facing an issue with the Guaranteed document loss. I have raised my query for this here In our production,

External system(eGate) will publish the document to the Broker and we will subscribe the document using JMS triggers. Sometimes, Windows server which has our wM components will be restarted and ultimately,it’ll restart IS too.So, if any document comes during the IS restart interval, we are losing it. Because,

1.IS restart intialized(in this situation,we are not even notified to lock the broker queue).
2.Published document comes and stored in the Broker queue.
3.IS came up(Dispatcher started)
4.JMS trigger takes the Document from the Broker queue.
5.Trigger executes the subsription service(verified with the service usage at the time of IS restart)
6.Trigger acknowledges the Broker and the Broker removed the Document from the Broker queue.
7. But,the subscription service didn’t process the document and also it didn’t return any errors in the server logs.

And Document loss happening only for the Documents which comes during the IS restart interval.After this time interval, the document process works fine normally.

Any help on this would be really helpful.

DLQ will not help with the issue you are facing. It is used only when there is no subscriber for a given published doc.

Thanks for your advice Reamon.

Are you able to figure out the reason for the Guaranteed Document loss? Thanks in advance.


My only thought is that it is due to the uncontrolled shutdown of IS. Loss of documents is almost always due to behavior in the trigger service. I’d focus there.