DB password change from wM

Is there a way that you can programmatically change the passwords for a user that has access to an oracle db schema (ie, TN) via webMethods somehow? Company policy has us change our password every 90days, and is currently a manual task and needs continuing monitoring to know when it will expire.


The passwords appear to be hashed (SHA-1 I believe).

You’ll need to do a bit of digging, but you’ll find the answer SOMEWHERE in the WmArt package.

This is the adapter runtime package.

You can get more specific by tracking what is invoked by examining the WmJDBC “Edit Connection” page in the WmArt package.

Look in the pub directory for ConnNodeDetails.dsp page.

Good Luck.


A little hint.
You can configure your ART in webmethods.
You can also “Edit” Your ART’s properties…including the password.
scooby !

Hi scoobydoo,

Please help me how to retrieve the encrypted password from JDBC connector?


check this post for decoding the password