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We have the license for IS, TN, Broker. We might use modeler and web services. We are also planning to buy Centra site. My Team lead asked me to look into the database. I can’t figure out how may databases I need to create. Assume we are going to create separate databases. I think of only two Mywebmethod database, Tn database.Which one is for IS?

webMethods Recommended Databases:
Analysis 30
Process Tracker 30

IS Core Audit Log 12, when using Monitor
Process Audit Log 30
Process Engine 30
Archive 20
Reporting 10
Staging 10

Cross Reference 11
Document History 10
IS Internal 25*
IS Core Audit Log 12, when not using Monitor

Trading Networks 20
Trading Networks Archive 20

Metadata Reasoner 30
Metadata Repository 30

My webMethods Server 20


IS/TN uses the same database…and associate the same TN DB Pool alias for the


IS and TN can use the same DB instance and host but it is not necessary. The TN database is separate and distinct from the tables that IS can use for various functions. Indeed, it might be a good rule of thumb to keep the TN schema and the IS schema separated and on different DB instances (where volume indicates).

Thank you very much for your reply. We may not have lots of modeler. If I create these combinations, Do i loose any performance?

  1. IS AND XREF in one database
  2. TN
  3. Process Audit, IsCore AUdit and Archive ( i have to this becuase I am using DB2 unIX)
  4. Mws
    5)Staging and Reporting

in my opinion thats a pretty fair combination you have sam

In my opinion, that looks like a lot of databases to install and maintan considering the various environments, Dev, test, Prod etc, you might have. Unless, you have a huge implementation with lot of traffic, you can consolidate them into 1 or 2 databases. Again, the decision is specific to your environment.

You should consider a pilot Volume testing project before investing a lot in terms of licenses and support.

I’d try to keep it simple to begin with. If you don’t know for sure that you need multiple databases, then stick to as few as possible. Like Rob and Sekay pointed out, volume is a key deciding factor. Start simple, run some volume testing, and adjust your setup if needed.

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Note: this is not to say that you should put everything under one schema and one pool alias. I still think it’s worth to separate the schemas and create separate pools.

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