DB adapter with OS/390 DB2

What is “recommended configuration” in order to integrate Enterprise Server and Host DB2?

I have tested a few configuration to do this.

  1. ES - ODBC Adapter - MS ODBC Driver for DB2
  • Host DB2
  1. ES - Oracle Adapter - Oracle TG4DB2 - Host DB2
  2. ES - JDBC Adapter - JDBC Driver for IBM UDB - DB2 Connect - Host DB2

These all configuration have some problem.
I use third configuration now, but I suffer from unstability and low performance.

I want to listen expert’s experience about this issue.

This is not a complete answer. But perhaps helps.

Almost three years ago we did the following:

ES - ODBC Adapter - StarSQL - DB2 (on mainframe)

This worked pretty well. Stable. Good performance. (Whenever we hit performance issue in the whole integration, it was never this side, database or adapter/bridge).

StarSQL came from a company called StarQuest, who was acquired by Level 8 two years ago.


Given our experiences with ODBC and JDBC, I would tend to try to get ODBC drivers and bridges, and use the ODBC Adapter. In your situation I would try:

ES - ODBC Adapter - ODBC Driver - DB2Connect - DB2

This might help on the performance side, though there are many factors in performance. There are also on stability, though if the JDBC is exactly where the stability issues occur, this might help a little.

Note this is an SI experience reflection. You may want to contact webMethods support to find out the official recommended configuration for connecting to DB2.

Mark Thomsen