Date of last update

How can I get the last update date in the form of a report of all Adabas files?

Adabas does not maintain this information, so you can’t get it from an ADAREP.

You could add a system field to each file. Then you could access them programmatically to produce your report.

“A system field is a field in an Adabas file whose value is automatically set by the Adabas nucleus when records are inserted or updated in the file. Optionally, some system field values are only set when records are inserted. System fields are fields that store information such as the job name of the user making the update, the eight-byte user ID of the user, the session ID of the user, or the time at which the update was made.”

Ralph’s solution will give you the time that individual records were updated, but if you just want to know the date/time when the file was last updated then that is in the ADAREP report.

From one of my databases:
Date of last update = 2018-12-11
Time of last update = 05:23:17



Thank you for the correction, Michael. My apologies to the list.

In my defense, I had run an ADAREP to confirm my claim, and the first file’s report did not include these fields. Had I scrolled down the output, I would have seen the information for all subsequent files.