Databases Stopping

Every now and then I will find that one of my databases has stopped running and I have no clue to why this happened. So I restarted the server and all the databases were stopped except for the preinstalled welcome_4_2_1.

1) Is it normal for databases to stop when you reboot the server, if so what can I do to prevent this?

2) What are some causes that I can look for that would stop a database?


There a server property on each DB called autostart=yes/no.
The wellcome DB has “yes”.
All other DB’s have no as default.
Just use the Tamino manager to change this.

Hello "RWL"

1.) Tamino Databases will be stopped automatically if you reboot the server.

But you can set a flag/parameter in the Tamino Server (per DB) that will force the Tamino DB