Database Table Names for Integration Server Components

Can you please help point me to the correct tables and columns containing the status of the following IS components:

IS Packages
Adapters (MQ, JDBC, JMS)
JMS & Broker Triggers
Cluster Service locks

Any specific reason to correct the table names and columns names?

Hi M@he$h,

Basically, I have a requirement to do a monitoring service that constantly check for the status of the following IS components (whether enabled/disabled/deleted) and devise an alert mechanism (via web UI or email or SMS) to notify Support.

Also part of this service is to create a “one-touch” process that will shutdown these components before doing an IS restart.

At the moment, we are disabling these components one-by-one before we do a restart to avoid losing production data.

Hi Sherwin,

Which version of webmethods are you using ?

The components you have mentioned have their status stored in config files with the enabled property set to yes/no.

Packages > IntegrationServer/yourpackagename/manifest.v3

ports >

Adapter Connections >
IntegrationServer/config/jms/ etc…

All connections are controlled by ART and can be controlled using public services available in WmART package.

Similarly you can use public services in WmPublic for controlling packages and triggers.

Cluster can be controlled using scripts (having cluster commands) called by your service.

Hope that helps…

Namit Verma

Hi Namit,

Thanks for this information. I am currently using ver 7.1.2

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Easy way is to use the WmRoot dsp page services and create a wrapper to call them so you get required result! :slight_smile:

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I need to verify whether a specific package is disabled or not in a IS, any built services in wm prt or root to use.

My input would be package name and output package status or status code.

Please can any one help me out. :roll:


There is a service inside WmRoot package …

also you can write a custom service to parse manifest.v3 file inside the package … it has a enabled tag with value yes/no

Use WmRoot/wm.server.packages:packageInfo compare the outputs of this service by running (enabling and disabling the package)

Build your code with custom logic.