Database repoint issue

Hello everyone,

We have

  • 15 end to end integrations between two Applications on WM 6.5 with 5
    Integration Servers in cluster.
  • Data base is MS SQL 7 for both the application
  • We have configured 2 JDBC(6.0.3 Fix10) Adapter Connections, one for
    each side.
  • All the interfaces get triggered using Basic Notification

Lemme explain one-

  • Interface gets invoked with Basic notification for a primary key x and
    notify type I ( I for insert).
  • Data extraction on source table with primary key x.
  • Publish Canonical to Broker.
    -Trigger gets invoked and Canonical fwded to target flow service.
    -Data gets mapped to the target table and gets inserted (JDBC Insert).

The integrations were working fine when pointing to test databases. But when we repointed our WM 6.5 env to other database we had a problem

  • We did not disable notification while repointing to the new database.
  • We did not restart integration Server.


Though the data for primary key X got inserted in the target table , but we started getting the errors for unique key constraint for the same primary key X. This means that the same data is getting published more than once .
We are getting TWO error mails for the same primary key X for which the data has already been inserted
When we see the two error mails they have-

Error email 1

primary key X
Source - dev01 (IS Cluster)
error - unique key constraint for x

Error email 2

primary key X
Source - dev02( IS Cluster)
error - unique key constraint for x

Any help will be appreciated.