Database Connection Hanging frequently

Hi All,

We have been facing this Database connection hanging problem in our wM Integration Server.

Once we see this problem we can’t do any manipulation on this database. After restart the Integration Server (v 4.6 sp2) then we are able to access this database again with out any changes in Database side.

Currently we enabled database connection pooling with following params in server.cnf.

  1. watt.server.db.connectionCache=server
    3.watt.server.db.testSQL=select 1 from dual

Also we created each database alias with
minimum connecitons = 2 and maximum connections = 10 with timeout 60000 ms.

Database: Oracle 9.2

We have taken care of closing the db connections while processing the request in our code. (both try and catch blocks).

Once we see this problem, if we try to run any db command(say exec sql) it is not throwing any error or even not timing out. I think timeout (300 sec - 5 mins in server.cnf) is not working.

Any body see this problem?.


Did u use explicit connect calls before execSQLs?
I think just closing the connection without explicit connect call would not help in properly releasing connections when we are using connection pooling.


Hi Kumar,

I am also facing similar kind of problem. Can you please let me know if you find the solution to your problem.

Are you using oracle 9i database. If it is, make minimum connections as “0”
Make sure IS server http connection timeout set to some interval.