Data Scrambling

We have over 600 ADABAS files that because of Sarbanes-Oxley, need to have sensitive data scrambled. Things like Social Security Number, Name, email address, etc. That included PEs and MUs.

Does anybody know of any products? We will have to do the same for Oracle, VSAM, DB2, Microsoft SQL.


I think every good database should be able to handle 600 files and more. The Problem could be the PEs and MUs. There you got two ways to change the data modell:

  • Create a proper 1:n-Relation (e.g. PHONE(1:3) --> File PHONE with primary key, and the field for the phone number)
  • duplicate the regarding fields (e.g. PHONE(1:3) --> PHONE1, PHONE2, PHONE3)

Thanks Matthias. Our big concern is not exactly relationships, but how to scramble the data properly, both ways.

Hi Carlos,
have you checked whether the Adabas Ciphering would be an option ?

There is another outstanding discussion in this forum about securing data, it is at