Data not getting picked from buffer table :(


Data not getting moved out of buffer table, it was working fine previously till we get the broker issue because of diag.log file size.

Now we removed the diag.log and restarted the broker, still not picked from buffer table why is that? Verified

  1. Notifications are up.
  2. Connections are up.
  3. Removed unwanted clients from broker.
  4. Not much data in JMS queue.
  5. IS admin >>Setting >> Resources >> Store Setting >> Outbound Document Store >> in “Current Documents in Outbound Store” still am seeing it as 10 [Hope this shows still data moved out of outbound store]… So the issue is here I guess. How can we remove/cleare the outboundStore?
  6. Also, noticed we unable to publish even a simple doc to broker, the pub.publish:publish service is going in loop [ because of the above point i guess ]

how to solve this issue? Any fix we need to install?


The connection from IS to Broker has been lost. Restart IS.

Hi Rob,

When we about to restart IS got an error ‘subscribers.cnf’ got corrupted, once we placed this file from backup able to start IS and working fine.

Here, hope there wont be issue in connection between IS and Broker, because we able to receive the data from queue(JMS queue), correct me if am wrong. Here the catch is no where we able to know(Verified server log, broker log/alert) this is because of corrupted cnf file, only during IS restart noticed.

Also we removed files under audit folder.

  1. Why is the diag.log file size getting larger?
  2. Reason for cnf files corrupt any idea?