Daily Health Check for webMethods Environment

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Could anyone please suggest, What are the key parameters(Other than validating the business transactions) to consider for the Daily Health/Sanity Check provided the components in the environment are :

  • Schedulers,
  • JDBC & MQ Adapters,
  • JMS & Broker Triggers,
  • TN,
  • Pools,
  • SFTP Aliases,
  • and other mandatory components.

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Hi @Abhishek_Jain, with Microservices Runtime there are few Health indicators that are available out of the box. Reverb may provide you some insights for IS Core.


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Thanks, Kalpesh for the quick response.

We are currently working on wM version 10.5 and not using microservices; I think to use microservices runtime we have to get the license.

Although the link you provided seems to be valid, I am more inclined towards a custom utility and hence looking for a checklist of actions that we can perform for an efficient health check.

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Abhishek Jain

I did a POC based on the old tech community archives. Credit goes to the original author.
POC.zip (496.3 KB)
This could give you some ideas in case if you dont have MSR license.

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Thanks, Srikanth,

This looks good, but I was just looking for “what all components I can keep in monitoring”;

I already developed a working set, written in FLOW, and has more or less similar modules.

Best regards…
Abhishek Jain

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