Customizing the hardcodes on standard controls

First of all, sorry if it is a silly question. I’m a noob in CAF design.

Is there any way to change the hardcodes present on the standard combos? Concretely, I’m trying to change the texts displayed in the Portal Container Attachments Provider.

Thanks in advance and regards.

I assume you are talking about the labels (table column headers and buttons?) displayed in the Attachments Provider control?

If so, then in MWS 7.x the only supported way to change the built-in labels is to apply a language pack for a different locale.

In MWS 8.0 the developer will have more control over those things.

First of all, thanks for the answer.

Yes, I’m talking about the labels. I was looking for a different approach rather than using localization, mainly because the language needed is not part of the language packs and I guess it is not going to be (I’m talking about catalan, a language spoken in Barcelona and mandatory in all the public administration matters). On the other hand, should I assume that, for example, it is not possible to specify the label “ATTACHMENTS” of this control in lowercase?

Thanks again and best regards.

I see. Yes, there aren’t any easy ways to change the labels in MWS 7.x. If it is blocking your customer, please open a SR.

As for the uppercasing of the ‘ATTACHMENTS’ label, that is happening due to the CSS styles of your skin. You may be able to create a custom skin or just a custom CSS stylesheet included in your page to alter the text-transform of the label.