Customize the top bar of dashboard

Hello All,

I am working on the Cumulocity application where I am configuring the dashboards 
and adding a widget inside those dashboards. 

But right now I need to show a one common message for all dashboards which I have 
added. So rather than creating a custom widget again can I simply customize the top 
bar and can add the text which I want to show there?

In the above image can I add my custom text in top bar after the device text or on below two bars showing dashboard information and add widget text?

Hi Ashwin,

Customizing the top bars can be achieved by extending the default cockpit application (either via a plugin or a custom build). There is no option in the UI to do so.

Some alternatives might be:

  • Creating another dashboard where the name of the dashboard would be the text you would like to show. The text would then be shown in the bar where you can also see the other dashboards right now. (might only be an actual option if the text is not too long)
  • Add an “HTML” or “Markdown” widget to the top of your dashboard where you write your text. (Note that the markdown widget was just recently added)

Hello Tristan,

Thanks for the quick reply, 

Yes the widget we can use but then need to configure widget on each dashboard separately, I need to show the text in the manner that it can be visible on each dashboard easily without configuring it seperately?

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