Customize Task List Management


We have a CAF Application (A) whose Landing page has tabs for specific operations & functionalities it offer. One of them is a Task List Management (The default TLM thats available in MWS out of box). It allowed Application Admin to go through tasks generated and manage them.

This MWS TLM portlet solved the purpose till we deployed another new application (B). As expected, the Standard TLM portlet in application A, displayed consolidated Tasks list (inclusive of Tasks from Application B).


  1. Is there a way we can customize the standard TLM so it can be used in both applications and will display specific tasks?

  2. If above is not possible, then when we create a Custom portlet based on results from searchTask inbuilt service, how can we make the Task ID’s hyperlink to open then respective Application Portlet?

Version: webMethods 9.8

Thank for your help,

Rohit Joshi

Hello, I’m new to wM, so I don’t know if that makes sense:
Could give that Task List a filter criteria to select the A or the B tasks?

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The TLM portlet, as far as I know cannot be customized.

However you can give the task type you want to search after.

My opinion is that you can build a custom portlet (but not based on the searchTasks).

Please check the documentation on how to build custom portlets.

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Vlad Turian