Customize SOAP-FAULT and send SOAP response in case of WSDL First Provider

Hi ,

I am using web methods 7.1.2.
I have created WSDL First provider.And for the same reason I cannot change the input ouput structure of the service s1 that is being invoked by provider.I have handled few business exceptions in the flow service s1 and want to send the same in SOAP-FAULT response to client.

Could you please help as to how can i customize SOAP-FAULT so that i can map customized values to SOAP-FAULT attributes and send them in SOAP-response.

When I customize SOAP-FAULT in case of first service provider,I am able to get proper SOAP-FAULT response as I have added SOAP-FAULT doc in the output tab of the service that is invoked by provider.

Thanks a lot in advance


First have you updated the response document type mapping to include the SOAP FAULT and additional fields and then regenerate WSDL for your consumer and for your testing?

As you cannot directly access the input/output signature and edit it as they are document reference to the doc types associated in the connectors.