Customize "Device Management" application

Hi All,

I am trying to customize the “Device Management” application. Towards that I wanted to remove the “Device types” navigator node appearing in the Navigator menu on the left. Attached is the screenshot of the node item that I would like to remove in my application.

Any help in this direction is appreciated. Please let me know what files should I modify to achieve this.

Thanking everybody in advance.

Best Regards.

Hi Veenit,

*ngIf=“node.label != ‘Device types’” add this condition in components\core\navigator\navigator-node.component.html template. You can hide the “Device types” tab. Hope this will help you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Ashwini,

Thank you for the reply. I shall try and get back in case of anything.


@ashwinishankar.gayad but that is only possible if I create my own app based on the devicemanagement template from @c8y/apps NPM-package!?

My usecase is different to the one of Veenit:
I want to add a custom action for a device. There should be a additional button in the details view for a device which executes a call to a REST endpoint of one of my c8y Microservices. But I think for that I need to setup an custom Angular app. Right?


@florian.gopp please refer here it is explained how to add custom action for a device in the details view for a device.

@ashwinishankar.gayad thanks for your reply and the link! So if I understand that right I can extend the standard c8y-Apps and “override” the existing apps with my extended app.