customised java logging

Hi. i’m running through some customized java codes that has been written by some other else in Developer. Would like to set debug logs or system.out.println statements in the java code, to trace the values taking place in the java code when it’s run.

Do i just put in system.out.println (variable) in it?
does anyone knows where do i look for the output, if i insert that line into the java code?

Hi bluewave2, write the log to a file like this:
FileWriter logger = new FileWriter("");
logger.write(“Test line”);


One of the simple way is to put this piece of code in your java service which will display the value in server log…
Assign your value to message like
String message = yourvalue ;

IData input = IDataFactory.create();
IDataCursor inputCursor = input.getCursor();
IDataUtil.put( inputCursor, “message”, message );
Service.doInvoke( “pub.flow”, “debugLog”, input );


In addition to this, can I invoke some service to set the debug level?