Custom Widget Deployment

Hi all,
I want to deploy the 3D collada widget,
this one here :

I am missing the basic instructions.
What’s the next step after doing the steps in the link?
What files do I zip and deploy? Or if I do this through the command line what exactly to write so I can have this widget on the tenant dashboard?

Also when I try to run ‘npm start’ it shows me this error:

ERROR in ./node_modules/collada-widget/dist/collada-widget/cumulocity.json
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘@c8y-from-manifest/core’ in ‘C:\Users\sh\desktop\cockpit\node_modules\collada-widget\dist\collada-widget’
@ ./node_modules/collada-widget/dist/collada-widget/cumulocity.json 1:0-34
@ ./ng1.ts
@ ./index.js
@ ./node_modules/@c8y/cli/dist/app-bootstrap/index.js

Thank you in advance,
Looking forward for your response

Instruction to add a custom widget into dashboard are given in documentation

Also, more info about scada widget is given