Custom vs. Standard parameters/properties of CAF applications


Does anybody know what are the proprietary properties of CAF application which may be set for portlets, within the web.xml or the portlet.xml?

For example you create a new Portel project. The Designer generates the initiation parameter: “com.webMethods.caf.faces.portlet.INIT_VIEW” and set its value with the generated default view within the “portlet.xml”. However you can also set the default view of a portlet by using this initiation paramter:
“javax.portlet.faces.defaultViewId.view” which expects a JSP Page. Does this also work for the “.view” files of CAF Projects?

So i’m highly interested into getting information which properties are supported for those various xml files which are generated for CAF and Portlet Projects.

SO any documentation, hints where this is written are highly appreciated? I couldn’t find any information about this within the webMethods CAF documentation. So which standard parameters, properties are supported and which one needs to be used for CAF Projects?

From a interoperability point of view this is very important. I know the supported web servers are JBoss and Tomcat but It would be good to know what I have to take into account if a projects requires a shift to a different runtime which supportes standard JSF, Portlets and JSAP Pages. Besides having to convert the “.view” files as one example.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards.