Custom Logging

Hello Experts,

I want to create a custom logging only for one of my flow service. I mean whatever things i want to log, it should go in a separate file. It should even create a separate log file for each day.

Please let me know what are the best possibilities i have in IS 6.1 to do this.


What types of events or conditions did you expect to log in a separate file? Commons Logging, Log4J or similar could be wrapped as java services that your Flows could call.


Hi Mark,

Sorry for replying little late.

I want a separate logging for my service, i mean i should be able to log details in a separate file other than server.log thats why i was thinking of using log4j. If you know the process of configuring log4j then please share the same.


Review System.getLogStream. Using this along with a couple of custom Java services to assist, you can get a custom log file that has the same daily rollover features of the standard IS logs.