Custom leftnav issue - <user> cannot update the properties of Leftnav


I’ve followed the (very clear) instructions in 8-2-SP1_Administering_My_webMethods_Server.pdf to create a custom shell (just cloning the Noodle shell), with a shell rule to redirect a certain class of user to the new shell. This works fine.

However when I follow the instructions given in the Replacing the My webMethods Application Navigation with Your Own Taxonomy section (page 348 onwards), just replacing the leftnav with a clone of the Noodle shell section that has a few features disabled (e.g. no Tools tab) and an altered Application Root then I get the following error dropping down:

I’ve checked permissions on the page that the Application Root points to (in fact I’ve even blanked the Application Root property). Still the same error.

Thanks for reading; I’d be grateful for any thoughts! I’ve attached the stack trace of the error.
Custom Taxonomy MWS Error.txt (3.07 KB)

You probably need to edit the permissions of that portlet instance to grant the ‘Everyone’ group the ‘Modify Portlet User Properties’ permissions so the users have rights to update the per-user properties of that portlet.

Hi Eric

Thanks for this. I’ve modified the permissions of the folders themselves that make up the application root structure, and the shell section and the portlet inside it to all have that permission granted, but I’m getting the same error.

I still get it if I grant all permissions to everyone for those resources. So I’m not sure it’s a permissions issue?

Ok. The reported error definitely looks like an permissions problem. Maybe your shell is not pointing at the same shell section page that you are configuring the permissions on?

I created a diagnostic portlet a while back for another use case that you might find useful. I’ll attach it here.

To use the diagnostic portlet:

  1. Deploy the attached wm_taxonomy_diagnostics.war to MWS

  2. Login as sysadmin and open the diagnostic portlet @ http://localhost:8585/portlet.taxonomy.diagnostics

  3. In the diagnotic portlet UI, set the ‘Root Thing’ to ‘’ which is the alias of the shell storage folder

  4. Compare the information reported for your cloned ‘Leftnav’ portlet with the information from the original one to see if there is anything different.

  5. In the diagnotic portlet UI, set the ‘Root Thing’ to ‘folder.shells’ which is the alias of the shells folder

  6. Inspect the “left” property of your custom shell to validate that it has the same alias or uri for the leftnav shell section you have changed the permissions on.

For each thing, the report will have something like this in the JSON report output with the properties of the thing, the aliases, and all the stored access control information:

    "Leftnav": {
      "[Path]": "/System/Shell Sections/Shell Sections/Noodle Shell Leftnav/Leftnav",
      "[description]": "",
      "[keywords]": "",
      "[name]": "Leftnav",
      "[ownerID]": "id=sysadmin; type=user; URI=(/directory/system/user/uid%3dsysadmin%2cou%3dpeople%2co%3dwebmethods)",
      "[xTypeName]": "wm_noodle___leftnav",
      "applicationsRoot": "",
      "cancelUrl": "",
      "finishUrl": "",
      "showApplications": "true",
      "showChildrenOfApplications": "false",
      "showLHS": "true",
      "showNavigate": "true",
      "showTools": "false",
      "showWorkspaces": "true",
      "status": "0",
      "toolsRoot": "default",
      "[Aliases]": "wm_shell_noodle.portlet.leftnav",
      "[ACL]": [{
          "[Principal]": "id=Everyone; type=group; URI=(/directory/system/group/cn%3deveryone%2co%3dwebmethods)",
          "Granted Rights": [
          "Denied Rights": [

wm_taxonomy_diagnostics.war (63.1 KB)

Thanks - that really helped! Useful tool as well, maybe we can build a MWS admin console replacement on top of it that’s actually fast :slight_smile: