Custom Gadget using Rest Call to Task Engine in MWS

I am trying to use the countTasksIndexed service from “Using the Task Engine RESTful Web Services” chapter of the “Task Engine API and Service Reference” document in a custom gadget as below

URLS : { 
 	   TASK_LIST_COUNT_POST : {url:'/rest/pub/opentasksearch/count',method:'POST',isArray:true ,serverType:SERVER_TYPES.TE},

defineScope: function() {
		try {
			var _this = this;
			this.$scope.getTaskCounts = function(gadgetConfig){
				var query ={}; query["includeTaskData"]=true; //query["pageSize"]=32;query["pageNum"]=1;
				var terms = [];	
				terms.push({"termName": "taskID","operator":"=","termValue":"2FAD9E78-AD6F-50D2-FA3B-628375B5C488"},
						   {"termName": "workQueue","operator":"=","termValue":"UG"},
		    	var jsonData = JSON.stringify(query);
				 		_this.$scope.UGCount = response;
				 		console.log("UG COUNT = " + _this.$scope.UGCount);
				 		_this.eventBus.fireEvent(NotificationConstants.ERROR,{"message":"Unable to invoke REST to " + _this.$scope.URLS.TASK_LIST_COUNT_POST.url,"source":_this.$scope.instance});

The server type is set to the TE correctly calling the MWS but it always returns a 405 Method Not Allowed status.
The documentation is confusing so I’m not sure this is the correct way to set this up.

Any help appreciated

although the method:'POST' is in the URL definition it also needs to be in the restClient call


It was using “GET” instead of POST hence the not allowed message.

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