Custom external directory services in My webMethods Server


In addition to the system directory service in My webMethods Server, you can configure external directory services and connect to directory servers, such as LDAP and ADSI, or to a database.

Since My webMethods Server 9.12, you can also create a directory service that connects to an external data source via custom services, for example using RESTful interfaces.

My webMethods Server now exposes the IExternalDirDataService interface. You can provide user data and authentication details through that interface.

In a concrete implementation, you expose the IExternalDirDataService interface as an OSGI service, and declare an external directory service, to which you provide the name of the OSGI service.

Submitted by: Meglena Atanasova & Andrey Lazarov, Software AG, November 2016

The sample project is available in the code samples library A sample directory service implementation interfacing with Atlassian Crowd

In the attached PDF you will find information on:

  1. Introduction
    1. Configuration overview
  2. Sample Project with Atlassian Crowd Directory Provider
    1. Requirements
    2. How the attached sample works?
    3. Configuring Crowd
    4. Using the sample project
    5. Creating a universal directory service from scratch