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I’ve read through some of the MWS docs to figure out how to do this, but I thought I’d ask the community in hopes of getting a pointer to an easy way to do what I need.

I want to create a page, visible by any MWS user, that shows various custom data. I want to have the page/portlet/data provider/whatever invoke one or more IS services to get the data. The data will be simple single value vars or sometimes a relatively short list (no paging anticipated). Something like:

Type X documents waiting: 28
Type Y documents waiting: 9
Type Z documents waiting: 43

Service X last ran: 19:43 2009/08/05 - Success
Service Y last ran: 19:43 2009/08/05 - Error

I know how to do this in DSP within IS Administrator (easy peasy) but I think MWS is the better spot for the particular data I want to share. Can anyone point me to the docs/tutorial that would guide me in the right direction? Content/page creation and menu additions is what I’ll need.

I know I’m being a bit lazy but I’m hoping someone will indulge my laziness and say “duh, it’s on page 38 of the foobar guide.” :slight_smile:

I’m no expert of MWS, but you may check the “7-2_Designer_Composite_Application_Framework_Help.pdf”
“Seach Sample” or “Northwind Sample” both use IS service.
Also check the “List Control”.