Custom code is not working-Urgent please

We have a strage problem.A particular event is getting fired in development environment,testing environment.But when the same is migrated to another environment(staging)this event is not being fired.We have been working on this since 5 days.
I would be very thankful if anybody gives any clue why this may be.

could be usefull if you provided us with some more info :slight_smile:

the product/version and what do you mean with event?

Many tahnsk for reply.
The JDE XPI version is 4.5(Tweaked Webmethods 5.0).I will explain the scenario here.We have customised salesordermanagenotify_2_0 XBP given by JDE.We are publishing an event which populates the custome tables in oneworld.This event is getting published in one environment but when migrated to other environment it is not getting publsihed.

Please let me know if you need more onfo

when you migrate, do you do a complete broker_save and load?

can you check with the manager if your migrated broker contains the document specified

Thanks for the reply again.
The process we follow is like below:
1.We develop code and checkin into VSS(Version control system)
2.Using Version manager we export the code to required enviornment.While exporting the code using this tool it gives a message “Saved to broker”

Are we following the correct procedure of migration

with this info I cannot tell you much :slight_smile:

It has been over half a year since a used version 5

we used to make a broker_save and put it into the sourcesafe

to migrate to the other environment we did broker_loads of our .adl image files after some manipulations on these files (e.g. changing the settings and stuff)

we also automatically installed the adapters by playing around with their config files and stuff (all things that are not advised of course :wink: )

I’m not familiar with the adapter you are using JDE? JD Edwards? Is it installed OK in your staging environment?

Can you check with you enterprise integrator if the components are compiled OK on your staging environment and if your adapters are running OK?

I think we are doing the same.You have used commands and we are using a tool.
We just migrate the code we don’t check whether it is getting compiled or not.
Can’t we assume that it will be compiled?

sometimes when you are using custom java jars or classes and they are missing in the target environment the components will not compile

sometimes you also have to force recompilation in your broker_load command with a parameter, you can also specify a classpath, we had this problem even when the jar was on the new environment

you also have a command broker_buildall if I remember correctly

but I don’t now if this is your problem of course, you should check this with your Enterprise Integrator, same for the adapters