Custom Apama block with dynamic inputs number and dropdown with Zementis pipelines

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Apama 10.16

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Hi Everyone,
I am creating two custom Apama blocks and I have two questions connected with it:

  1. Is it possible to create a block with dynamic number of inputs?
    I would like to have parameter that will change the number of inputs.
  2. Can I create dropdown that lists all available Zementis pipelines?
    I would like to achive something similar to Machine Learning block. It has a dropdown with all PMML models:
    Is it possible to create similar dropdown but with names of pipelines?

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


Thanks in advance!

Hi Wojciech,

  1. This number of inputs is fixed at design time but if you use optional<> as a wrapper for the input type, the input is treated as optional and you can check at run-time if it is actually present.

  2. This is possible via parameter enumerations but the available options have to be provided at design time. The dynamic lookup you see for the Machine Learning block is not available for custom blocks (apama-analytics-builder-block-sdk/ at rel/10.16.0.x · SoftwareAG/apama-analytics-builder-block-sdk · GitHub)

Best regards,

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