Custom Adapter using standard asynchronous communication


I have started designing what would be a custom adapter for Integration Server.

The software we need to integrate sends business messages using various asynchronous protocols ( JMS, MQSeries, File transfert ), and we hope it will be possible to build our adapter using webmethods communication facilities.
The idea would be to use the services from the technical adapters ( MQSSeries for example ) and add our functional value.

I’m curious to know if it is a common way to build adapters, and if it make sense at all.
Would it be possible for example to embed the configuration of an MQSeries connection in custom our adapter configuration ?

I’m also concerned by the disponibility of asynchronous adapters for IS6.0.
I’m surprised to see no generic JMS adapter, it looks like you have to have MQSeries if you want to use JMS.
I would also like to find some facilities for building some kind of messaging system using file transfer ?

Well that’s a lot of questions already, I would be glad you could answer some of them.

Arnaud Lenfant