Why do I need to start a session if I want to browse over a result set.

This feature is especially interesting in a web environment and because a session is started with Tamino I might be bothered by annoying time-outs (users do drink a cup of coffee so now and then).

Now I need to do the cursoring myself (via X-Machine) using a ‘sessionless’ cursor.

I do hope that this will change in a future version (Tamino API for Java also has the same shortcoming).

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs

Unfortunately this is a limitation imposed by the Tamino server and not the APIs.

Hi Mark,

Well, actually you can browse without a session. Perhaps it has a performance impact, but I find it acceptable.

Here’s a small code snippet from my sessionless browse function

_browse.AppendFormat("_xql={0} {1}&_cursor=open&_scroll=no&_sensitive=vague&_position={2}&_quantity={3}&_count=cheap", System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode(query), _sort.ToString(), position, quantity);

{0} contains the query, {1) the sort order, {2} the starting position and {3} the size of the cursor. If I post this request it works just fine without opening a session!

(of course you can also use xquery).

Kind regards,