Cumulocity: No platform metrics for Notification 2.0?

A “What the Heck?!” Moment to share:

Notification 2.0 introduces a new method to receive and consume incoming data of Cumulocity, but there is no UI and/or API offered by Cumulocity which provides metrics on amount of active subscriptions, its consumers and the amount of data pending for each sub-tenant?

1.) The Usage Statistics frontend and API should also provide usage statistics of Notification 2.0 subscriptions, just like it already provides statistics on Measurements, Events, Alarms, API-Requests.
2.) As Notification subscriptions can pile up without a consumer and may consume significant storage, there should be a dashboard for Admins which shows a summary of subscriptions, their status and their current size, as well as a default option to create Alarms in case a subscription was not consumed in a timely manner.

Hi Christoph,

Yes, we have this on our backlog, there are also other areas we want to address when it comes to managing data in the Messaging Service. At the moment we have a full backlog with an exciting new capability on MQTT, once we have the space I will send you an invite and we can discuss the ideas and get your feedback.

Regards, Jane.