Cumulocity IoT Sensor App Release Announcement

We are happy to announce the release of the new “Cumulocity IoT Sensor App” mobile application. It replaces the old “Cloud Sensor App” by adding great design and improved functionality.

The old application had many stability issues and did not work in many occasions when different authentication providers were setup in Cumulocity IoT. It was also difficult to setup with the Cumulocity IoT free-trials on

The new “Cumulocity IoT Sensor App” now comes with a new “Add Smartphone Wizard” in Cumulocity IoT and works in all deployment and authentication scenarios. We even support older Cumulocity IoT versions through a manual connection option.

The new app also features extended support for Bluetooth devices such as the Acaia Coffee Scale, the CirrusSense Pressure Transducer and the Texas Instruments CC2650 SensorTag. Check out the Smart Barista Demo video to see them in action. To better understand app usage and which features to build next, we also added Gainsight PX usage tracking and ideas portal for feedback right inside the application.

The new mobile app is now available to download on the Apple iOS Store and Android App Store. It works with Cumulocity IoT version 10.6.6 which is currently available on and will be available on soon. If you would like to test it with older Cumulocity IoT versions, please get in touch with us.

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