Cumulocity IoT Nov 2023 update

The latest release of Cumulocity IoT, version 10.18, is now available.

Cumulocity IoT’s latest release brings many more ways to customize and configure the platform - enhancing the overall user experience.

​​​​​​​Highlights of the latest release include:

Device Management includes a fully customizable home page. Building on the improvements in the previous version, the Device Management home page is now fully customizable. This means you can treat it like a dashboard in Cockpit and choose and configure the widgets you wish to be part of your Device Management home page.

Dashboard time range selector. It’s now easy to have selected widgets, or all of a dashboard’s widgets, using the same time range by using the dashboard time range selector.

Map widget visualization enhancements. A number of useful enhancements have been made to the map widget, including an option for setting the initial zoom level, an option to set the center point for the map and the ability to adjust the refresh interval for the devices covered by the map.

New Alarm Management Mobile App. Developers looking to build apps to help their users manage Cumulocity IoT alarms while they are on the move can customize and build the new Alarm Management App for Android from the repo on GitHub. The app provides visibility of alarms and events, supports real-time push notifications and allows you to view, acknowledge and cancel alarms directly from the app.

Single Sign-On (SSO) enhancements. It’s now easier for customers to combine Cumulocity IoT with their preferred Identity Access Manager as result of SSO users now being able to receive access permissions defined by inventory roles. Developers using the Cumulocity IoT REST APIs can now authenticate their requests using the end user’s SSO credentials.