Cumulocity IoT Edge 10.9.0

We are happy to announce the availability of Cumulocity IoT Edge 10.9, which can be downloaded from the Software AG Empower platform (

In this release we are introducing a new installation, configuration and upgrade approach for Edge, configuration & update of Edge, which improves the user experience and furthermore enables new REST API’s for deployment, configurations & updates of Edge in an automated manner.


  1. Simplify Cumulocity IoT Edge installation . No technical expertise is now required to install or upgrade Cumulocity IoT Edge. A new guided process simplifies and speeds up installation for people of all technical abilities. Upgrades are also easier. Simply upload an upgrade package via the edge user interface—without having to upgrade the operating system or replace the whole virtual machine image or disks.
    Change edge-specific configurations, such as licenses and network parameters, without having to execute commands on the command line interface. Instead use new easy-to-follow configuration options via the administration application interface.

  2. REST APIs . This version of Cumulocity IoT Edge employs the REST APIs to perform the tasks like installation, configuring the network for the Edge appliance, remote connectivity, updating the Edge appliance, changing the hostname, and so on. Use the REST APIs to automate the configuration of your Edge appliance.

  3. GUI enhancements for configuration. You can now use the graphical user interface to:

    • Configure the Edge network
    • Update the SSL certificate and the key
    • Update the Edge appliance
    • Configure remote-connectivity

Documentation link: Introduction - Cumulocity IoT Guides

Download Cumulocity IoT Edge from:

Open API Spec for Edge will be available soon.