Cumulocity IoT Edge 10.6.0

Cumulocity IoT Edge is an onsite, single-server variant of the Cumulocity IoT Core platform. It is delivered as a virtual appliance designed to run on industrial PC’s or local servers.

  • Cumulocity IoT Microservice hosting allows you to extend the Cumulocity IoT Edge platform with customer-specific functionality. Build and host Docker applications on Edge and benefit from the web-based container life-cycle management including user specific access rights to microservices with integration to RBAC. Use the Cumulocity IoT Microservice SDK to build your own custom microservices (see [url=][/url]). Note: Microservice Hosting on Edge is an optional add-on, which can be activated during the installation.
  • Edge remote device management has been enhanced and now also supports building up a secure VNC connection to Edge from another Cumulocity IoT Tenant. You can establish a remote SSH or VNC connection to Cumulocity IoT Edge nodes in protected networks. The only required communication channel is outbound connection through HTTPS to the Cumulocity IoT server (public cloud or on-prem) and this requires minimal data usage, as no VPN connection with communication overhead is required. Note: This feature requires a subscription of the cloud remote access feature on your Cumulocity IoT tenant. (cloud or on-premises).
  • All new OPC-UA 2.0 capabilities are included by default and the OPC-UA gateway comes pre-bundled within the Edge VM.

Release Notes are available at: