Cumulocity IoT Device Ecosystem News – September 2023

Cumulocity IoT Device Ecosystem News – September 2023

The Device Partner Ecosystem around Cumulocity IoT is continuously expanding - both on the technical certification track and on the business track. The number of self-issued certificates climbed to 43 since the program started in 2022 including 5 device re-certifications (Ellenex, HMS, Red Lion, Senquip). The business track record also achieved a strong increase in the number of customer opportunities with the direct involvement of device partners since the last 3 years.

Some Device Partner Highlights:

09/2023 Kunbus

Kunbus GmbH just certified their new IoT Gateway RevPi 4 that uses the new Raspberry Pi 4 compute model. The new certification covers most features e.g. the file-based configuration that enables the management of all of the data points configured on the gateway ideal for fleet management and hardware replacement.
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09/2023 InHand Networks

InHand Networks certified their customization using their powerful EC942 Edge Computer. The company is a listed, fast growing Chinese hardware manufacturer with 142 mio. annual revenue 2022. Customers typically operate vending machines, charging stations or work in the field of automation. Their portfolio comprises cellular modems, Edge Router, IoT Gateways and basic device management as a free service.
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09/2023 Surfwave

The Japanese Device Partner Surfwave was guided in our direction by NTT Japan to certify their hardware called SurfGate IoT Gateway. They are currently using Surfwave is a professional company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of IoT communication terminal devices. Headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan.
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08/2023 Congatec (ARENDAR)

Our Hardware Partner Real-Time-Systems - a congatec company - has certified their hardware using a custom agent. The compact IoT Gateway is known under the name of ARENDAR, which can be used to perform Edge Computing Task on data from various industrial protocols.
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04/2023 PSsystec

The long partnership history between PSsystec and Cumulocity has again been refreshed through the certification of all 8 integrated devices. PSsystec offers LWM2M agents while also the Cloud Fieldbus is widely being used by directly sending e.g. PC-UA or Modbus data. Their compact hardware offers cellular connectivity.
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03/2023 Senquip

Recertification of existing hardware and certification of their 2 new products QUAD-C2-G/-H using a custom integration. Senquip manufactures rugged, programmable telemetry devices that connect to industrial sensors and systems and send the data measured to the internet through cellular connectivity. The devices are typically used to connect to large and remote machinery.
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02/2023 Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact now enriches our Device Partner Portal with 5 certified devices -edge devices and PLCs. The integration is a customization of the framework. Phoenix Contact employs 20.000+ people and is a central player in the DACH region for automation companies and machine builders.
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Device Partner Program

The device certification tool represents the core of our device partner ecosystem. It is available to all device partners without any associated charges. This year, in March 2023, our certification tool celebrated its first birthday and since we implemented the concept of annual recertification, the first partners have already renewed their certifications. This way we can provide up-to-date information for Cumulocity IoT customers on pre-integrated hardware.

Since time to market is crucial the technical integration is a great basis for a successful partnership business. Certified hardware is recommended for all projects with Cumulocity IoT and is listed on the Device Partner Portal.

Interested in becoming a Device Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a Partner and certifying your integration with Cumulocity IoT, please register yourself to the Device Partner Portal. You will then get access to the certification tool and cab certify your integration with just few clicks. Watch how it is done: