Cumulocity IoT DataHub 10.5

Cumulocity IoT DataHub is a new analytical extension for Cumulocity, focused on enabling historical storage and analysis of IoT data that enables a customer to:

  • Periodically, incrementally offload Cumulocity data (inventory, alarms, events and measurements) from the Cumulocity operational storage to a customer’s data lake.
  • Amazon Web Services S3 for deployments in AWS;
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 for deployments in Microsoft Azure;
  • Local file storage or Minio S3 for on-premise deployments.
  • Store IoT data in cheaper long-term storage in a format optimized for analysis and ability to manage own retention rules.
  • Run high performance queries on IoT data via SQL based tools (including BI and ML tools) using standard interfaces – ODBC & JDBC drivers are available as well as via Apache Arrow Flight and REST using a highly-scalable Data-as-a-service engine.

DataHub is available for customers with dedicated or on-premise Cumulocity instances.