Cumulocity IoT Core Platform 10.5

With Cumulocity IoT Core Platform, end-2-end IoT applications can be built faster than ever, allowing you to prove the value of your IoT solutions much sooner. Cumulocity IoT can be deployed wherever you need it: In the Cloud, on-premises and on the edge. It combines our leading technologies ranging from secure device, cloud & enterprise integration over streaming & predictive analytics to process automation and application development.

Highlights of the latest release:

  • Offline Installation Support: An on-premise Cumulocity IoT cluster can now be installed and operated without requiring internet connectivity.
  • Angular WebSDK for Widgets: The Angular WebSDK now also allows for writing your own widgets. With this addition, the Angular WebSDK supports all functionality of the deprecated WebSDK for AngularJS.
  • You can now list and filter Devices and create Smart Groups based on your own custom properties.
  • Option to disable basic authentication and use Cumulocity IoT generated tokens instead for an enhanced platform security.
  • Performance Improvements for Measurement Data Ingestion which significantly improves the performance when ingesting complex measurement data structures.
  • Self-service streaming analytics using Apama Analytics Builder is included for all new tenants (with a restriction on number of models)

The complete Release Notes are available on: