Cumulocity IoT Core Platform 10.4

With Cumulocity IoT Core Platform, end-2-end IoT applications can be built faster than ever, allowing you to prove the value of your IoT solutions much sooner. Cumulocity IoT can be deployed wherever you need it: In the Cloud, on-premises and on the edge. It combines our leading technologies ranging from secure device, cloud & enterprise integration over streaming & predictive analytics to process automation and application development.

  • SSO integration using OAuth and tested with Azure AD and ADFS
  • Cloud Fieldbus support for CANopen
  • New Web SDK based on Angular allowing you to extend the Cumulocity UI with Angular applications
  • Cloud Remote Access for SSH allowing to stablish a remote SSH connection to devices in protected networks through a gateway device located within the target network without requiring a VPN
  • Logging & Monitoring for Microservices allowing you to better operate your own microservices by allowing you to analyze the microservices’ logs and monitoring it’s health
  • Improved branding including a live preview allowing to easily white-label your Cumulocity IoT platform
  • Support for custom LWM2M decoders allowing to process proprietary or custom LWM2M data objects (e.g. the LWM2M Opaque data type) within a microservice

Note: This release is a fully supported general release (i.e. it is not an innovation release).

Release Notes are available on: