Cumulocity IoT Core Platform 10.4.6

With Cumulocity IoT Core Platform, end-2-end IoT applications can be built faster than ever, allowing you to prove the value of your IoT solutions much sooner. Cumulocity IoT can be deployed wherever you need it: In the Cloud, on-premises and on the edge. It combines our leading technologies ranging from secure device, cloud & enterprise integration over streaming & predictive analytics to process automation and application development.

The latest release adds:

  • You can now easily re-structure Groups and Devices per Drag&Drop
  • Our Sigfox integration now supports the v2 API and we added support for prototype devices
  • To improve usability, all device type configurations are now available in the Device Protocols section within the Device Management application and the Device Database has been deprecated
  • You can now download microservice log files for microservices for a specified time range
  • Various stability improvements for microservice hosting & monitoring
  • It is now possible to configure E-Mail servers with SSL/TLS encryption
  • We implemented various performance improvements for e.g. better handling of instances with many tenants and tenants with many inventory objects as well as faster Smart Rule creation
  • Several improvements for our Enterprise Tenant offering around handling ssl-certificates and license files

Note: This release is a fully supported general release (i.e. it is not an innovation release).
Release Notes are available on: