Cumulocity IoT - Connecting your smartphone

Cumulocity IoT offers a free mobile application which enables you to send your smartphone sensor measurements to your Cumulocity tenant.

To register your smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Download the Cloud Sensor App from your Google or Apple Play stores onto your phone
  • Select the 2nd button ‘Connect to Cumulocity’ per the screenshot below

Enter your TENANT and INSTANCE in the next screen:

  • Tenant: This is the first part of the url in your Cumulocity log in, which you will have chosen when registering. You may have used your name for example
  • Instance: Click on the box and options will appear. Again, look at your url in Cumulocity and you will see which yours is. It may be or it may be an eu-latest version. Select the one you see in the url

Select to LOGIN WITH SOFTWARE AG – the first button, which is grey, NOT the SECOND:

Enter your username (email address) and password you used when signing up for Cumulocity

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For the IoT which sensor did you use? I need for water detection. I want some who can suggest me a better cloud sensor device.