Cumulocity IoT 2024 annual release update

The annual release of Cumulocity IoT, version 2024, is now available.

Cumulocity IoT 2024 is an annual release covering capabilities added to Cumulocity IoT during 2023. This annual release is for those customers that do not use Cumulocity IoT’s Continuous Delivery mechanism that enhances the Cumulocity IoT environments with new capabilities as soon as those improvements are available.

Cumulocity IoT 2024 includes the content from version 10.16, 10.17 and 10.18 as well as a number of capabilities introduced after 10.18 towards the end of 2023.

Here are some of the highlights from 2023 included in version 2024:

Enhanced User Interface. Updated color scheme with usability and accessibility improvements for screen readers, keyboards and components. The right drawer is redesigned for easy access to user-related settings. Learn More

Analytics Builder analyzes assets and smart groups. Asset hierarchies defined in Digital Twin Manager and device smart groups can now be analyzed using Analytics Builder. Use the Group Statistics block with these collections of devices to perform aggregation analysis such as averaging humidity across child devices and storing the value on the parent asset.​​​​​​​ Learn More

Visualize Digital Twin Manager asset hierarchies. Gain a better visualization of asset hierarchies with the introduction of the Asset Tree in Digital Twin Manager. Learn More

Create global Analytics Builder models. E.g., Use the new “All Inputs” as your input source to create a single model that raises alarms for any device where the temperature exceeded 100 (C). Learn More

Extend any Cumulocity IoT UI application easily using Extension Packages. These allow developers to create additional functionality for your IoT applications such as new widgets to better visualize your IoT data. Learn More

Extension packages can contain Plugins and also Blueprints. Blueprints enable the distribution of entire applications, making it simple to deploy and manage customized applications. Learn More

One-click installation of many free open-source plugins is now available, adding additional capabilities to your IoT applications. The plugins page for an application connects with the Software AG GitHub repository and provides access to a number of open-source plug-ins. Learn More

Map widget visualization enhancements. A number of useful enhancements have been made to the map widget, including an option for setting the initial zoom level, an option to set the center point for the map and the ability to adjust the refresh interval for the devices covered by the map. Learn More