Cumulocity - Dark theme availability

Does cumulocity support a dark theme at the tenant level?
Does cumulocity support a dark theme for user-specific?

Please provide some insights regarding this topic.

Hi Divya,

there is currently no dark theme available.
However you can configure the branding of the tenant or a specific app to be dark.


Thanks, Tristan for the quick response.

I have one more question, Even after adding configuration in the branding of the tenant or a specific app, how can we switch between light and dark themes?

There is no switch/toggle for this. In theory you could create two apps, one with the light and the other one with the dark theme and switch between them using the app switcher.

A simpler solution in most cases, if your organization allows it, is to install a 3rd party extension to your browser designed for inducing dark mode across the board on websites. I use one called ‘Dark Reader’ ( which is available on at least Chrome, Firefox and Edge, which works very well with the Cumulocity UI. It’s not as good as native Dark Mode would be; there are one or two situations where the default branding isn’t flipped, and has low contrast, and the colour scheme is effectively flipped, which is a bit disconcerting where red/green, for example, are indicative. However it is quick fix which works for the browser across the web if your goal is less eye strain or you have other visual issues which prevent the use of the default white background.

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