Cumulocity configuration backup


We are getting a public cloud instance from softwareAG and we would like to check if there is a manual way to perform configuration backup for this instance (including Analytics builder models, EPLs, applications in application builder, Cockpit configuration) in order to be able to perform a restore if needed. Is it something we can do?

I haven’t done this particular thing but I have done a config backup of using Python. Basically, anything I valued where I could retrieve the information via REST I wrote a script to query and output to a backup file. That includes permission sets, applications and microservices, branding, SSO, retention rules, applications, custom roles, local users, and exports.


a Cumulocity migration tool is available on Github:

Note that this is not an official tool and provided as is, so it might not be backing up everything you need.

In general the recommendation for things like EPL Apps and other development assets is to maintain them in a source code management system like Git instead of storing backups. This also gives you a history of how assets have developed over time and you can easily go back to older versions (especially if you combine this with a CI/CD pipeline to deploy them).

Then you can use things like the EPL Apps Tools or the Cumulocity IoT CLI. Note both are not official tools and provided as is.