Cumulocity - Can be Navigator resizable


I have a query regarding Navigator in Cumulocity, I am aware By default, the navigator collapses on screens smaller than 1200px. Just wanted to know if is there any way we can make the navigator resizable. If yes how do we achieve it?

Divya K

Hi Divya,

In general there are for sure technically doable ways of achieving a resizable navigator also with the current version of the Cumulocity Web SDK.
This is however nothing that we support from a product perspective. So you are on your own in finding a solution for this.

Here are some hints:
In the end you would need to adapt the navigator width via styling, to do this with a hardcoded width was described here: Increase navigator width
You would need to define a CSS variable for the @navigatorWidth less variable.
Once you have that, you would need to add an element to interact with, which would then adjust the newly defined CSS variable dynamically.


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