Cumulocity Application Builder - Build and Deploy Custom widget


This tutorial describes how to build and deploy a custom widget in the Cumulocity Application Builder


Install Cumulocity Application Builder

Build Custom Widget

  • You can develop widget as per your requirement. 
  • A sample widget which you can upload to app builder is here -
  • Download the code to your local machine. In terminal, navigate to the widget folder and execute the below commands
    • npm install
    • npm run build
  • The execution of above commands will create a new folder named dist and you will find a file.

Deploy Custom Widget

  • Login to Cumulocity tenant and open the application builder from App switcher
  • Create a new application.
  • On the right top, you will have an option to Install Widget

  • Browse and Select the file and click on Upload button to upload the custom widget to cumulocity tenant. 
  • The newly installed widget can be accessed in the Add Widget Option