Cumolocity application migration issue

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Using Cumulocity version 10.9

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

Using license version

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

Where we are migrating workflow (application) from the Dev platform to prod platfrom, we are able to migrate few other dashboard but facing issue with one application.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
    at M (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1388070)
    at vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1387170
    at s (app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:46094)
    at t.invoke (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1382133)
    at Object.onInvoke (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:171235)
    at t.invoke (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1382073)
    at (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1377332)
    at vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1388856
    at t.invokeTask (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:1382817)
    at Object.onInvokeTask (vendors~app.da022ba78f4d46066eda.js:1:171147)

Have you installed latest fixes for the products


Hi Mohammad,

I assume you use the Migration Tool to run this migration? Can you post the JSON of the Managed Object with the id 21216. Might be that there is some issue with the JSON.

Best regards

Yes, I am using migration tool.

Please find the JSON

  "additionParents": {
    "self": "",
    "references": []
  "owner": "emuriithi21",
  "childDevices": {
    "self": "",
    "references": []
  "childAssets": {
    "self": "",
    "references": []
  "creationTime": "2021-08-26T06:30:28.598Z",
  "lastUpdated": "2021-11-16T15:13:20.215Z",
  "childAdditions": {
    "self": "",
    "references": []
  "name": "Comparison",
  "assetParents": {
    "self": "",
    "references": []
  "deviceParents": {
    "self": "",
    "references": []
  "self": "",
  "id": "33721",
  "c8y_Dashboard": {
    "children": {
      "3277516223684751": {
        "configTemplateUrl": "htmlWidget/views/config.html",
        "componentId": "Html widget",
        "classes": {
          "html-widget": true,
          "card-dashboard": true,
          "panel-content-branded": true,
          "card": true,
          "panel-title-hidden": true
        "_x": 0,
        "_y": 0,
        "id": "3277516223684751",
        "title": "HTML",
        "_width": 12,
        "config": {
          "html": "<h1 class=\"h1\"><strong>Substation Monitoring by Space-D</strong></h1><image class=\"im\" align=\"right\" src=\"\" style=\"width:7rem; height: 4rem\"> </image>\n\n<style>\n.h1 {\nmargin-top: 0.3rem;\nfont-family:dubai;\n}\n.h1, .im  {\n    display: inline-block;\n    vertical-align: top;\n\n}  \n    \n</style>",
          "unsafe": true
        "_height": 1,
        "templateUrl": "htmlWidget/views/htmlWidget.html"
    "name": "Comparison",
    "icon": "th",
    "global": true,
    "priority": 10000

I m not sure how Christian knows that MO id 21216 might be the one causing the issue but wanted to flag that the JSON you provided is not id 21216…

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