CRM DATABASE Connection Problem

hi All,

I am getting an error while I am going to insert new record thru Adapter Service into CRM Database.

Error is like that: view or function ‘abc_MSCRM.dbo.Lead’ is not updatable because the modification affects multiple base tables."

I understood this error but I want to solution for this. How can I do that without any error.

Thanks in Advance.

The approach for creating an updateable view depend on the database vendor and the underlying tables. Your best bet is to consult with your company’s DBA to get the function or stored procedure working independently before calling it from the JDBC adapter.


Hi Mark,

I want to ask question related Blaze Engine Rule. I’m new in it.
First is that How can I integrate any blaze rule with my flowservice…I mean with my developer environment. Is there any method thru which I can directly deploy my rule service to my application which I made in Developer?

I want to see one example related it. I want to create rule for Authentication flow service then how can I integrate my flowservie with the rule which I made into Blaze?

Thanks in Advance,
Istiyak Vasiwala