Creating users


I have created some workflow in a project and want to give access in order to run these workflows or have access to view.

I have gone to the section: Settings >> Users and could not find option to create new users

Have anyone done this before or could point me to some document for reference please?

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Heya Lutchumaya,

Did you find an answer to that question? If not, I hope this can help.

I saw that, in the “Administration” section of your “My Cloud” portal, you can create new users :

The tool only allows for very coarse role/perm management at this point, but assigning the role of “webMethodsioIntegration-User” to a user I created there allowed it to access the flows I built with the admin/main account I was running the trial under.

On this issue (and others), the documentation is cruely lacking and insufficient, barebones. Just as much as the legacy on-premise product’s doc was long-winded and endless, it feels like a bunch of placeholder at times…